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Evolution APT Pigs Ear Strips Dog Treat



APT Pigs Ear Strips Dog Treat offers your furry friend a nutritious and delectable all-natural reward. Made from 100% Australian Pork, these pig ear strips are a great alternative for smaller-sized dogs, providing a delightful chewing experience.

Give your dog the goodness of Pig Ear Strips, a wholesome treat that supports their dental health while satisfying their natural urge to chew. These pig ear strips are smaller in size, making them ideal for smaller-sized dogs to enjoy.

Made from 100% all-natural Australian Pork, these pig ear strips are carefully prepared to retain their irresistible flavour and essential nutrients. As your dog chews on these delicious strips, they help reduce tartar and plaque buildup, promoting cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

Provide your dog with the goodness of APT Pigs Ear Strips Dog Treat, a chewy and nutritious reward that will keep their tails wagging in joy!

Key Benefits:

  • Grain and gluten free pig ear treats for dogs
  • 100% natural
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Great for dog dental health as they help to reduce tartar and plaque build up all while chewing

Please Note:It is not recommended that pig ears are given to puppies. This is because the high fat content may lead to gastrointestinal upsets which may include vomiting, diarrhea and gut discomfort.

*Intended for use as a pet treat only not a complete meal. Ensure clean/fresh water is available. Always feed under supervision.

Product Ingredients:100% Australian Pork

Typical Analysis:Crude Protein 74.1%; Crude Fat 13.8%; Crude Fibre 1.5%; Salt 0.9%; Metabolizable Energy 382

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

Country of Origin: Australia

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