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Cavalor Laminaid



:Cavalor LaminAid is recommended in cases of sensitive hooves due to metabolic problems.

Cavalor LaminAid works at various different levels in the body to tackle metabolic disorders in an integral manner that can lead to symptoms of laminitis. It supports the sensitive intestinal flora and brings hormonal and metabolic processes back into balance. Cavalor LaminAid also helps to support blood circulation and thus promote blood flow in the hoof.

Laminitis is more than a painful hoof. It is a multifactorial disease with a very complex pathophysiology that affects various systems in the body. These range from endotoxin leakage in the digestive system and insulin dysregulation to inflammation and vasoconstriction in the lamellar cells. Most horses that are susceptible to laminitis have systemic metabolic disorders. This therefore requires a multifaceted therapy that works at different levels to combat the symptoms of this disease holistically. Cavalor LaminAid does just that. It contains a unique combination of essential oils with evidence-based efficacy that not only improves the symptoms of laminitis, but also helps to remedy the underlying causes for a long-lasting effect. Of course, when treating laminitis, we also recommend an appropriate feed ration, care and movement regime for the best result.

Cavalor always recommends administering with feed or as directed by your veterinarian.

Key Ingredients:

  • Monoterpenes (limonene and linalool).
  • Antibacterial components.
  • Antioxidants (alkaloids, flavonoids and phenols).
  • Anti-inflammatory (terpinen-4-ol, eugenol, neral and geranial).
  • Essential oils and extracts (tea tree, garlic, ginger, lavender and mint extracts

Cavalor® LaminAid is a unique, balanced combination of several essential oils including Eucalyptus globulus, Allium sativum and Betula alba. Each oil is characterised by a specific structure, composition and effect. When incorporated into a blend, they complement each other and have a synergistic and highly useful effect. Although the science of essential oils is still in its infancy, such oils are gaining increasing attention in human and veterinary medicine for their powerful and healing properties.

The scope of application of essential oils is very broad. It is known of some essential oils that certain constituents such as monoterpenes and phenolic compounds react with cell membranes and membrane-bound proteins such as transport mechanisms, ion channels and receptors. Others influence cellular signalling pathways and the regulation of the synthesis and functioning of certain proteins such as pro-inflammatory cytokines.

The following properties can explain the effects of Cavalor LaminAid as a blend of different essential oils:

Analgesic: Contains monoterpenes such as limonene and linalool that have been described as exerting their action through sensitisation and downregulation of receptors in the nervous system and affecting the Na+ and/or Ca++ channels.

Antibacterial: Contains either components with a hydroxyl group (phenolic compounds such as carvacrol, eugenol, thymol, etc.), an ester group (geranyl acetate and bornyl acetate), terpene alcohols (geraniol, citronellol), ketones (carvone), aliphatic hydrocarbon, sesquiterpenes (limonene) or terpene-containing aldehydes (citronellal, neral and geranial). The proposed mechanism of action of these chemical components is by diffusion of the bacterial cell membranes, which increases permeability with leakage of vital intracellular components, finally leading to apoptosis.

Antioxidant: Contains components such as alkaloids, flavonoids and phenols (carvacrol, carvone, caryophyllene limonene, cineole and thymol). These chemical components are powerful free radical scavengers.

Supports circulation: Has a positive effect on circulation by preventing lipid peroxidation and haemolysis and promoting the fluidity of erythrocytes. Supports metabolism: Has a positive effect on fat and insulin metabolism (lower cholesterol, triglycerides, raised HDL, lower glucose levels, prevention of fat accumulation, etc.).

Supports digestion: Combats the growth of unwanted intestinal bacteria and promotes healthy fermentation.

Anti-inflammatory: Contains components such as terpinen-4-ol, eugenol, neral and geranial that have been reported to have an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the synthesis of certain inflammatory mediators. Laminitis is a complex disease and often related to digestive problems and impaired metabolism. By combining these properties, we obtain a very extensive effect.

Cavalor LaminAid helps keep the intestinal flora in balance, thereby promoting digestion and optimising the metabolism by supporting various essential organs and tissues. In addition, the formula has a stimulating effect on the circulation and the lymphatic system, resulting in improved blood flow to the hoof and faster elimination of waste products. This has a pleasant and soothing effect. Furthermore, the blood pressure is lowered, which also reduces the pressure that causes the pain in the hoof.

The product works in a holistic way to address not only symptoms but also causal factors for a long-lasting effect. Proven effect during field studies with horses with laminitis. The oils in Cavalor LaminAid were individually selected based on the above scientific insights and were subjected to practical tests that yielded astonishing health results.

Recommended Use: 

Dose per animal per day: Day 1: 2 x 50 ml; From day 2: 2 x 25 ml per day. For proactive or prolonged use (30 days or longer): 2 x 10 ml/day. 



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