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Grazon Extra Herbicide

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Grazon Extra Herbicide is the premium control option for foliar applications on hard-to-kill noxious and woody weeds. It contains three active ingredients, offering control of the broadest list of weeds in a single product on the market. Grazon Extra offers outstanding knockdown and residual weed control.

  • Grazon Extra is registered to control a range of environmental, noxious woody and herbaceous weeds.  
  • Grazon Extra moves quickly to the tips of growing shoots and roots where the active ingredients disrupt plant growth. Exceptional results include rapid “brown-out”.  
  • Grazon Extra is the premium option for foliar spraying of tough-to-kill woody weeds and many noxious herbaceous weeds.
  • The ingredients in Grazon Extra Herbicide remain active in the soil and prevent seeds of the target woody plants and secondary weeds from germinating for many months after application (in some cases up to two years).
  • Grazon Extra controls the target weeds without harming pasture grasses.
  • Grazon Extra Herbicide offers control of the broadest list of weeds in a single product on the market.

Major Weeds Controlled:

African boxthorn Horehound
Angophora spp. Lantana (Lantana camara) (Lantana montevidensis)
Australian blackthorn Lion’s tail (Leonatis nepetifolia)
Banksia spp. Limebush
Biddy bush Manuka
Blackberry Mesquite (Prosopis spp.)
Blue heliotrope Prosopis velutina
Brooms (Cape, English, flax leaf, montpellier) Milfoil (Yarrow)
Camphor Laurel Mistflower
Capeweed Mother-of-millions
Casuarina spp. Paddy’s lucerne
Chinee apple Parkinsonia
Cockspur thorn Paterson’s curse
Common sensitive plant Prickly pear (common) Smooth tree pear
Crofton weed Rubber vine
Eastern cotton bush (Maireana microphylla) Siam weed
Eucalyptus spp. Sicklepod
Fireweed Spear thistle
Galenia St John’s wort
Giant bramble Sweet briar
Gorse Tobacco weed
Groundsel bush (Baccharis halimifolia) Wattle (Acacia spp.) (except corkwood wattle)
Green cestrum Wild Rosemary (Cassinia laevis)
Hawthorn Wild tobacco tree

Active Ingredients: Picloram @ 100 g/L, Triclopyr @ 300 g/L & Aminopyralid @ 8 g/L