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KER Bone Food Plus



KER Bone Food Plus: Vital Support for Equine Bone Health

KER Bone Food Plus is a premium mineral and vitamin supplement meticulously formulated to bolster the bone health of horses. Crafted to provide essential nutrients necessary for optimal bone development, strength, and resilience, Bone Food Plus offers vital support to equines at risk of bone disorders and deficiencies. Whether your horse is grazing on high-oxalate pastures, stabled, or experiencing high mineral requirements due to growth or lactation, Bone Food Plus is the ideal solution to promote sturdy, healthy bones.

Key Features:

  • Essential Bone-Building Nutrients: Bone Food Plus supplies equine diets with vital bone-building nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. These minerals are crucial structural components of bone, ensuring strong and resilient skeletal structure.
  • Optimal Mineral Ratios: Formulated with a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus (4.5:1), Bone Food Plus helps maintain the correct mineral balance necessary for robust bone health. This highly digestible source of calcium and phosphorus helps prevent deficiencies, especially in horses fed high-grain, low-roughage diets or grazing on high-oxalate pastures.
  • Vitamins for Absorption: Bone Food Plus contains vitamin D, which assists in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, crucial for maintaining bone density and strength. Additionally, vitamin K supports bone development, particularly in horses deprived of green grass.
  • Trace Minerals Support: Zinc, copper, and manganese are essential trace minerals that play a pivotal role in bone development. Bone Food Plus ensures horses receive adequate levels of these minerals to support optimal bone health and function.

When to Use Bone Food Plus:

  • Horses grazing on high-oxalate pastures, at risk of conditions like big head disease.
  • Stabled horses prone to bone demineralization due to limited turnout or high-grain diets.
  • Growing horses, young working horses, and lactating mares with elevated mineral requirements to support bone development and maintenance.

Give your horse the gift of strong, resilient bones with KER Bone Food Plus. Developed by equine nutrition experts and backed by research, this superior supplement is the cornerstone of a comprehensive bone health regimen for equines of all ages and lifestyles.

Feeding Recommendations: 

The following amounts should be fed daily and divided equally amongst feeds. Mix well into a damp feed.

  • Feed 20-40g for ponies requiring mineral supplementation.
  • Feed 40-80g for ponies on tropical pasture.
  • Feed 40-80g for horses requiring mineral supplementation.
  • Feed 80-160g for horses on tropical pasture.

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