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Lawn Pride Rootmaxx



Whether your laying new turf, sowing a new lawn, renovating, or looking to increase root development Rootmaxx liquid fertiliser is the product you require.

Bio stimulants play an important role in turf management, Rootmaxx liquid fertiliser is extremely versatile and can be used throughout the year in many different situations.

  • Promote larger more robust root systems
  • Encourages microbial activity
  • Improve soil fertility
  • Increase the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients
  • Supports seedling development
  • Pre and Post lawn renovation 

Rootmaxx is best applied in the cool hours of the day, Rootmaxx is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs and requires irrigation after the application.

**Not for use on Australian Natives**

Nutrient Analysis (w/v) 10% Nitrogen (N), 13% Phosphorus (P), 5% Potassium (K), 1% Zinc (Zn), 20% Organics

CAUTION - This product may stain concrete, masonry, and other hard surfaces. Apply product with caution around these surfaces. To remove overspray thoroughly rinse with clean water immediately after application.

Concentrate Application Rate: 250mL/100sqm

Available in the 2Ltr Ready To Use (RTU) option or a 5Ltr container that needs to be mixed with water according to package directions. The 2Ltr RTU bottle treats up to 200m2 and the 5Ltr bottle treats 2000m2.