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Flexible Fit Equestrian Neck Strap



Made from high quality English leather this Neck Strap (neck rope) provides extra security and balance for an inexperienced rider or while riding young horses.  Neck Straps are used by riders of all levels

Neck strap adaptors can be purchased separately to attach the neck strap to the breastplate

Leather & Care: Flexible Fit products are unique in that they are pre oiled in the vegetable tanning process. You will notice how soft the leather is when you receive your Flexible Fit product, and this means that maintaining your bridle/leather products is simple.

  • Use a leather cream such as Effax Leather Balsam to nourish and moisturise the leather.
  • During the first two weeks of use you should cream your bridle 2-3 times per week to lubricate the leather fibres.
  • Do not condition the leather every day after the first two weeks.
  • Do not use liquid oil.
  • Once the leather is soft and well-conditioned, maintenance should be minimal. Occasional creaming is recommended once every 1-2 months.
  • An occasional saddle soap can be used and can be wiped with a damp cloth at owner’s discretion by following product label directions. Do not use product on the bridle every day.
  • If your bridle looks cracked or creased, you have not given the leather adequate leather conditioner, or not adequately conditioned the bridle before use.
  • Clean your patent with a petroleum jelly (minimal amount)