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Rocky Point Water Saver Mulch



Rocky Point‘s Water Saving Mulch makes the earth better in two very important ways.

Firstly, as its name suggests, this organic wetting agent reduces water requirements whilst retaining moisture and nutrients in the soil.
Secondly, it protects plants from weather extremes and the damage caused by evaporation.

Ideal for new and established garden beds this natural mulch is the perfect choice for gardeners looking to save water, money, and the planet.


With only organic materials used Rocky Point Water Saving Mulch has dual purposes;

  1. The unique combination of organic mulch, compost, fine fibres and natural wetting agents with the mix interlock; sheltering the soil from harsh temperatures, and holding moisture to keep your garden hydrated.
  2. As the mulch breaks down, it adds nutrients back into the soil, increasing natural water retention and restoring carbon providing a valuable food source for microbes, which are essential in transferring nutrients to plants.

Benefits of Rocky Point Water Saving Mulch:

  • Acts like a blanket, insulating and protecting the soil beneath
  • Over 50% water holding capacity, preventing your soil from drying out and protecting plant root systems
  • Enriches and improves natural water retention in soils as it break down
  • Interlocking fibres assist in holding the mulch together, and allow for a variety of applications including steeper, sloped surfaces
  • When applied at recommended thickness (100 mm), mulch will last for 12+ months before requiring reapplication.

How do I use Water Saving Mulch?

  • For optimum results and longevity, spread the mulch in garden beds around trees and shrubs at a depth of 100 mm.
  • Mulch should be kept away from the stem of plants by 100 mm diameter.