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Scotts Lawn Builder + Weed Kill



Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill: A Revolution in Lawn Care

Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser is a groundbreaking solution that not only nourishes your lawn but also targets and eliminates weeds. This unparalleled product, hailed by both home gardeners and turf management professionals, epitomizes the 'set and forget' approach for maintaining a pristine lawn year-round.

Key Features:

  • Weed Control Expertise: Armed with three selective broadleaf herbicides, Weedkill swiftly and effectively targets a spectrum of weeds (refer to technical details for a comprehensive list).
  • Green Intensity: Enriched with boosted iron and sulphur content, Weedkill not only nourishes your lawn but also promotes deeper green hues and robust growth.
  • Slow-Release Nutrients: Embracing patented time-release technology, Weedkill ensures a gradual and continuous nutrient release over three months. This controlled feeding mechanism prevents nutrient wastage, runoff, and the surge growth associated with traditional lawn foods.
  • Phosphorus Conscious: With a minimal 1% phosphorus content, Weedkill complies with environmental standards, making it safe for use across Australia without posing any risk to ground or surface water.
  • Low Application Rate: Unlike conventional lawn foods that demand kilograms of application, Weedkill requires a mere 16 grams per m2, promoting economical and efficient lawn care.

Suitable For:

  • Lawn Varieties: Weedkill is compatible with lawns containing common couch, bent (excluding bent greens), kikuyu, perennial ryegrass, and/or Chewings fescue.

Not Suitable For:

  • Specific Grasses:Avoid usage on buffalo, carpet grass, lippia, dichondra, or Santa Ana couch, as these grasses and substitutes may be adversely affected.
  • New Grass Areas: Refrain from applying Weedkill to newly laid grass or sowing patching products within one month of application.
  • Food Plants and Animal Feed Crops: Exercise caution to prevent application on or around food plants or crops intended for animal consumption.
  • New Lawns: Postpone usage on new lawns until at least 4 weeks after the initial mowing.
  • High Temperatures: Avoid application during temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius; wait for a cooler spell for optimal results.

Elevate your lawn care regimen with Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkill—a dual-action marvel that nurtures your lawn while combating weed intrusion. A testament to innovation, efficiency, and a commitment to a flourishing, weed-free lawn.

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