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Veredus Olympus Tendon Boots



Veredus Olympus Tendon Boots: Ultimate Ventilation for Superior Tendon Protection!

Elevate your show jumping experience with the Veredus Olympus Tendon Boots, meticulously designed to provide optimal protection and breathability. These anterior tendon boots feature double ventilation, allowing the horse's leg to stay cool and well-protected during intense performance. The innovative combination of Aerox micro-perforated neoprene and 3D mesh ducted fabric sets these boots apart, ensuring superior ventilation both horizontally and vertically.

Key Features:

  • Double Ventilation: Veredus Olympus Tendon Boots incorporate a unique double ventilation system, effectively releasing heat and providing a continuous flow of fresh air to keep the horse's legs cool.
  • Aerox Microperforated Neoprene: The boots utilize advanced Aerox neoprene with micro-perforations, enhancing breathability and preventing heat build-up.
  • 3D Mesh Ducted Fabric: The inclusion of 3D mesh ducted fabric optimizes airflow, facilitating efficient heat dissipation during high-stakes show jumping.
  • Protection in EVA: Ensuring comprehensive protection, these boots feature a shock absorber film made of EVA for safeguarding the front tendons.
  • Quick Release Tips: Veredus prioritizes convenience with quick-release tips, allowing easy application and removal of the boots.
  • Double Density Anatomic Shell: The boots boast a double-density anatomic shell, providing a perfect fit and added protection for your horse's tendons.

Veredus Olympus Tendon Boots offer top-notch ventilation, cutting-edge materials, and unmatched protection for your horse's front tendons during every show jumping event. Elevate your performance with Veredus excellence!