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Horse Supplements

Brookies Rural Traders, your trusted source for a diverse range of horse supplements, available both in-store and online. Our carefully curated selection features top brands such as CEN, Hygain, Khonkes Own, Stance, Cavalor, Ker, Ranvet iO, and more, offering you a comprehensive array of options to support your horse's health and performance needs.

From specialized vitamins and minerals to promote overall well-being to joint supplements that keep your equine companion moving comfortably, our collection addresses a wide range of concerns. Discover the benefits of CEN's scientifically formulated supplements, Hygain's commitment to equine nutrition excellence, and the tailored solutions offered by Khonkes Own, Stance, Cavalor, Ker, Ranvet iO, and other trusted names in the industry.

Whether you're aiming to boost your horse's energy, support digestion, enhance coat quality, or address specific health concerns, our horse supplements cater to all levels of equine care. With Brookies, you have access to a selection that's been handpicked to meet the diverse needs of horse owners and trainers.

At Brookies Rural Traders, we're dedicated to equine well-being and performance. Explore our extensive collection of horse supplements, both in-store and online, and ensure your horse receives the exceptional care it deserves.

Poseidon Digestive EQ
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Vet Gold Bone Gold
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Likit Little Refill
CEN Gold
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iO Psyllium Husk
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iO Dextrose
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Prydes Polished
from $69.99
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TRM Premium Linseed Oil
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Olssons 007 Horse Lick Block
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