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Saddlery Medical

Brookies Rural Traders, your trusted source for saddlery medical supplies, available both in-store and online. Our range encompasses essential first aid products, topicals, and wormers, ensuring that you have the tools necessary to keep your equine companions in optimal health.

When it comes to equine first aid, we offer a selection of supplies to address a variety of injuries and emergencies. From wound dressings and antiseptics to bandages and wraps, our range is curated to support prompt and effective care.

Maintaining your horse's well-being extends to internal health as well. Our collection of wormers provides a choice of effective solutions to manage internal parasites and safeguard your horse's digestive health. We prioritise stocking trusted brands and products that have a proven track record in the equine healthcare field.

Explore our range today and equip yourself with the essentials for equine health management.

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