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Chicken Feed

Explore a diverse range of premium chicken feeds available both online and in-store at Brookies Rural Traders, tailored to meet the nutritional needs of your feathered friends that you are raising for eggs. Discover our layer feed, thoughtfully formulated to provide essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy egg production. For growing chicks, we offer starter feeds designed to support their rapid development and immune system. And for those seeking organic or non-GMO options, we have feeds that prioritise natural ingredients without compromising on quality. At Brookies, we understand that well-fed chickens are happy chickens, and our range of chicken feeds reflects our commitment to helping you raise thriving poultry. Visit us or shop online to find the perfect feed for your flock's specific needs.
Farmbies Premium Layer Mash
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Brookies Own Dried Mealworms
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Jenco Chook Candy
AGM Whole Mixed Grain
Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP
Jenco Sorghum Free Laying Mash
Barastoc Darling Downs Layer
Jenco Fine Layer Mash
$32.99 $35.99
Pisces Freeze Dried Crickets 45g
Jenco Whole Wheat
Jenco Maize/Corn Whole
Laucke Mills Gamebird Breeder
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Barastoc Mixed Flock
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Laucke Duck and Goose Finisher
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Riverina Blue Label Layer Mash
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AGM Turkey Grower Pellets
Jenco Duck Mash
Breeders Choice Mixed Grain
Breeders Choice Wheat
Jenco Maize/Corn Cracked
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