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Farm Animals

As an accredited, Ridley Agriproducts Australia outlet, Brookies Rural Store has the right bagged feed ration for your particular stocking application.

Brookies also stocks products from other reputable feed manufacturers such as Riverina.

Although somewhat similar in appearance beef and dairy cattle do require different dieteray requirements on reaching maturity.

For young stock from 4 days to 11 weeks, calf milk replacer and baby calf pellets are compatible feed for both beef and dairy calves.

From 12 weeks of age the differing feed requirements for beef and dairy calves is more apparent.

Beef cattle require feed that will build greater muscle mass and overall weight. 

Ridleys Stud and Grow,Hobby Farm Mix and Steam Flaked Barley are ideal for this application along with Riverina’s Feedlot pellets.

Dairy Cattle, on the other hand, need a feed that will boost the animal’s milk production before and after calving.

Bagged feed stocked for this application include Heiffer Development pellets, Hobby Farm Mix, Steam Flaked Barley (Ridley) and XLR8 Hi Energy pellets (Riverina).

As with all bagged rations, roughage and pasture must be included along with a plentiful supply of cool, fresh water.

Ag Vet/Animal Health

Both dairy and beef cattle are susceptible to intestinal and external parasites: eg intestional worms, ticks, buffalo fly and biting midges.

Stock on hand for treatment include:

  • Barricade/Blockade S
  • Amitik/Tactik
  • Insecticidal ear tags
  • Genesis, Cydectin, Maximus and Ivomec pour ons
  • Acatak
  • Levismole drenches
  • Brute, Permethren, Nuicdol, Bayticol, Maldison insecticidal washes
Other stock management products are also on hand or can be readily accessed when required.

Brookies also stocks bagged rations for:

  • sheep
  • goats
  • pigs
  • alpaca/llama

Other livestock Ag Vet/Animal Health

All livestock require treatment at regular intervals for intestinal worms, parasites and other conditions associated with the breed.

Stock on hand to assist

Stock Management

  • Ear Tags – Plain, numbered, insecticidal and electronic
  • Paddock troughs, waterers and feeders
  • Portable Yards including cattle crushes and head bails
  • Tickicides
  • Wormers
  • Prodders
  • Electrical Fencing