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Fencing posts

We stock hardwood round posts, hardwood split post, treated pine posts and steel star picket posts.

  • Hardwood posts – treated round posts 200 – 250mm diameter x 2.4mtrs long which are ideal for gate posts or corner strainer posts.
  • Hardwood split posts – quality australian hardwood timber – 2.1mtrs long best used as intermediate posts, as split rails or as a stay post.
  • Treated pine posts – consistent diameter over the length of the post and provide a finished appearance to the fence line – ideal for termite infested areas and are available in diameters ranging from 100mm – 150mm and lengths of 1.8, 2.4,3.0 and 3.6 mtrs and suitable for post and rail construction.
  • Steel posts – also known as star pickets are best used as intermediate posts and are available in 1.65, 1.8 and 2.4 mtr lengths. Shorter length star picket posts in sizes of 450mm 600mm 900mm and 1315mm are also available for other applications.

Wire fencing

For large stock management; horses, cattle and other livestock:

  • Plain wire 3.15mm or 4mm diameter in 750mtr and 400mtr rolls – smaller roll sizes are also available patch or repairs.
  • High tensile wires 2.5mm x 1500mtrs also known as flexabel – this can also be used for electric fencing
  • Barb wires available in 1.5mm high tensile and 2.5mm iowa varities
  • Horse sighter wires – plastic coated steel core sighter wire 5.2mm x 400mtrs and plastic bayco wire 4mm x 600mtrs,

Fabricated Netting

Suitable for smaller livestock and domesticated pets

  • Hinge Joint – available in 50mtr and 100mtr rolls x 1150mm high with a graduated hole size with the small opening on the bottom increasing to a larger sized holes at the top of the roll.
  • Welded dog wire – available in 10mtr and 30mtr x 1200mm high rolls again with graduated holes with the smallest on the bottom to the larger at the top – suitable for a small run.
  • Puppy wire available in 15mtr x 700mm high rolls and used mainly for very small dogs.
  • Stiff stay – A smaller aperture wire netting. Available in 50 m rolls, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1150mm high. (2.5mm wire, with 2.8mm top and bottom wires)
  • Stiff stay / Equifence horse – designed specifically for equine enclosures. Available in 50m rolls, 900mm and 1220mm high. (2.8mm wire standard)

Chicken Wire

We stock a range of varing sized rolls of chicken wires suitable for many applications around the property from your chook pen to the vege garden, temporary fencing are just a few of the many uses.

  • Large 50mtr rolls x 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm heights – always stocked in 50mm hole size and other hole sizes to order
  • Handy pack rolls in 5mtr and 10mtr x 900mm high – stocked in 13mm, 30mm and 50mm hole sizing.

Aviary Wire

  • Handy pack rolls in 5mtr and 10mtr x 900mm high – 12.5mm x 12.5mm square hole. Larger roll sizes are available on request.

Speciality Wire

  • Wire suitable for snake proofing, feral dog and dingo control and heavy duty rabbit wire are available on request.

Electric Fencing

Establishing a permanent fence line is a major cost component of any rural or acreage property. However, if cattle or horses are stocked then the property owner will constantly restraing wire, reastablishing fence posts that have been pushed over.

A convenient and cost effective method of minimising all this extra work is to install an electric fence system.

Consisting of an energizer ( powerpak) insulators, hot line and earth stake, the elcctric fence provides a 24hour protection service to your fence.


Energisers are available as mains, battery, mains and battery combinations and solar powered units.

At Brookies we stock a comprehensive range of energizers from the major suppliers of electric fence systems in Australia:

  • Gallagher
  • Thunderbird
  • Daken
  • Speedrite/Trutest

Tapes and Braids

The electrical charge generated by the energizer is transmitted through electric tape or braids. Tape and Braids are available in budget lines and high performance and come in rolls of 200m, 400m and some 500m.

Wider tapes and thicker braids are also stocked for customers who prefer to have their electric fence line more visible for their animals.

What to Consider when Purchasing Fencing

If you are keeping animals in are they are either, a) heavy stock horses/cattle, b) lighter stock, sheep, goats, alpaca, or c) pets, including dogs (depending on the size).


Ask whether you require a more traditional hardwood post and split rail fence, treated pine, or a combination of timber and steel sat picket.

Tools available

Minimum requirements are; post hole shovel, fencing bar, fencing pliers, & a wire straining tool.

The height of the fence

Standard fence heights vary from 900mm to 1200mm high.

Surrounding environment.

Is the proposed fence line clear of vegetation on your property boundary line, and is there any slopes or creek crossings?

Metres of the fence

Consider the metres of fence required, how many corners and where the gate will be positioned. We recommend always to draw a mud map of the fence outline, showing as much detail as possible.

Electric Fencing Benefits

Check Your Electric Fence in 10 Easy Steps

Eletric Fences

Eliminate the mystery of electric fence failure in 10 easy steps.

Inadequate or poor grounding, loose and hanging wires, damaged fence accessories and many other problems can cause an electric fence to fail.

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