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Companion animals provide comfort to young and old alike. Keeping your pet healthy and fit in these days of complex diets and fads doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated.

Gleam O’ Dawn stocks a variety of dry bag feeds ranging from budget to premium containing no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. Cooked rolls and vacuum packed meat also provide additional variety for your pet.

For Bird Lovers, a comprehensive range of Golden Cob breeders choice bird seed in bags of 20 Kg as well as by the Kilo are always on hand. Grey stripe sunflowers, wheat, sorghum and cracked corn are also available by the Kg or bag for those customers wishing to make up their own mix.


Large Parrot

  • Small Parrot
  • Finch
  • Budgie
  • Wild Bird
  • And others on request
  • Wild Bird Feeders in powder coated metal and terracotta
  • Bird Wormers
  • Lice Control

We also cater for other pets such as guinea pigs.

1. Treat your Pet for Fleas all year round

A common misconception among pet owners is that fleas tend to die during the cooler months, thus many owners stop using flea treatments, in fact it is the opposite, heated homes provide the ideal environment for fleas to breed.  Flea control is a year round commitment and by treating your pets even through winter is the only way to ensure both your pets and your home are flea free all year round.

2. Provide your Pet with Extra Warmth

As the temperature drops we tend to pile on the layers, socks, jumpers, gloves and beanies but what do we do for our pets?  Many pets are not suited to the cooler months like we are so by adding a winter dog coat we can protect them from the harsh elements.

3. Moderate your Pets Food

Just like humans, pets also use energy to create body heat, thus meaning some pets may require some extra calories to maintain a comfortable warmth by simply adding a small amount to their usual serving to help stay healthy.  Remember not to over do it.  A recommendation would be increasing their meal by 10% if you felt this is necessary.  Any more and it could be hard for them to shed the extra weight in the warmer months.  Also remember to have an adequate water supply as pets still need clean water during winter.

4. Provide Warm Shelter

As the weather cools pets love nothing more than to curl up inside in the warmth but this may not always be possible, so pets who spend their time outside need to have adequate shelter and warmth to protect them.  As good kennel needs to be strong, waterproof and insulated and should also be elevated off the ground and away from draughts.  It should be large enough for the pet to stand and move around in but small enough to retain their body heat.

5. Watch for signs of Arthritis

As pets get older they become more susceptible to the effects of arthritis in the cooler months.  If your pet is having trouble getting up or laying down, using stairs or has started to snap or cry when being picked up, you should visit your veterinarian for advice. There are many over the counter supplements to help ease their symptoms including Joint Powder for Dogs, Joint Guard and Sasha’s Blend.  These are all high in glucosamine and other ingredients which help to control and manage the effects of arthritis.   NEVER give your pet human medication or over the counter medication without consulting your veterinarian first.

6. Exercise your Pets

It is important that your pet gets at lease one hour of exercise daily even through the cooler months. Pets cooped up inside can become restless and display unwanted behavioural patterns.  Exercise will also help keep your pets body temperature and maintain their mental and physical health.

In the dry food range we stock:

Dog Health

Keeping your dog healthy is an ongoing responsibility, particularly here in Queensland with the problems of paralysis tick, mosquito borne heart worm and flea infestations.

Regular treatments using the appropriate products along with daily inspection, especially for paralysis tick, as well as an annual check up with your local vet will ensure your pet continues to be healthy. 

Flea & Tick Control
  • Preventic Collar
  • Kiltex Collar
  • Advantix »
  • Maldison 500 ec
  • NexGard chewable and NexGard Spectra
  • Bravecto
Grooming Medicated
  • Neem – organic
Hypo Algerinic – Everyday /Flea Control
  • Fido
  • Royal Show
Pet Accessories
  • Feeders
  • Drinkers
  • Leads
  • Collars
  • Restraints
  • Beds
  • Foam pillows
  • Replacement hessian, canvas and mesh slings for dog frames
Pet Treats
  • Pigs ears
  • 4 x 2 biscuits for gum health
  • Treat
  • Roo ribs, chicken and beef training treats

Domestic cats have been companions to humankind since the very earliest days and consequently, like the dog, share a very real and close bond with us.

For cat lovers we stock the supercoat range of cat food in 3kg bags.  

Cat Health

Like dogs, cats are susceptible to flea and paralysis tick infestations and regular checking of your pet should be carried out.

Flea Tick Worm Control

  • Maldison 500
  • Fido’s free-itch rinse concentrate


Gleam O Dawn stocks a range of :

  • Bowles
  • Litter trays
  • Cat litter

And other items to keep your cat content.

Birds, whether caged or flying wild add a vivid slash of colour, bird song and aerial acrobatics that continues to enthral us all.

For our feathered friends Gleam O Dawn stocks the acclaimed Golden Cob Breeders Choice and Avigrain seeds for a range of bird feeds.

Formulated for the dieting requirements of different species, Golden Cob mixes continue to provide a balanced ration of vitamins and minerals for cockatoos, galahs, corellas, rosellas, budgies, canaries, finches, pigeons and cockatiels.

The Golden Cob range is available in 5kg and 20 kg bags with large and small parrot, wild bird, finch, budgie mixes always in store.

Bird Feeders

We stock a range of terracotta and Australian made Red Gum bird feeders.  The feeders provide safer, secure feeding stations for the local wildlife and are an unobtrusive addition to your home garden.

Nesting Boxes

In addition to bird feeders, we also stock nesting boxes suitable for large and small parrots.  These can be located in a convenient tree and will provide and alternative nesting site to highly sought after hollow limbs or trunks

These cute companions require a diet high in fibre and our guinea pig mix or pellets are ideal addition to their daily requirements of fruit and raw vegetables.

We also stock spacious cages and hutches to keep your cavies safe and secure as well as bagged wood shavings for their bedding.

As with all native animals care must be taken when feeding.  Our macropod pellet is formulated specifically for Kangaroos, wallabies and other native macropods and contains a medication to help prevent coccideosis.

We stock Ridley Rat and Mouse cubes which are specifically formulated to meet their dietary needs.

As with the guinea pigs, sawdust and straw are available for their bedding litter alone with wire cages for their security.