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Brookies recommends and sells water storage tanks made by, RAPID PLASCLARKBUSHMANSTEAM POLY, long standing, reputable Australian manufactures, to specific Australian quality standards and using virgin materials.

Depending on the size of the water tank, delivery to your nominated site is included in the overall purchase price and all tanks are available in a variety of standard colours (refer to the supplier websites for colour chart, sizes, warranties and installation requirements and unloading of tanks).

To ensure adequate delivery and water pressure at multiple outlets throughout your home and property a correctly sized elective pumping system is essential.

Recent advances in pumping systems means that households now have a choice from either the traditional pressure pump unit or a electronic controlled constant pressure unit.

As a rule of thumb, when sizing the appropriate pumping unit allows for the following:

Toilet – 9 ltr/min
Shower – 10ltr – 15ltr/min
Household taps 10 – 15ltr/min
Dishwasher 10-15ltr/m
Garden hose 2ltr/min
Pumps available include : DAVEY, GRUNFOS,DAB AND CLAYTECH

Moving the water from your storage tank to your household reticulation system is via poly pipe.

Available in pressure pump grade / rural (rated up to 600kpa) or mains pressure (1200kpa rating) the two varieties of pipe are readily identified by:  Green stripe – Rural and Blue stripe – mains pressure.  Both varieties of pipe are available in sizes ranging from 13mm (1/2”) up to 50mm (2”) diameters.

Apart from the different pressure rating of the pipe the other variation is the method of measuring the pipe’s diameter.  For the rural grade (green stripe) the inside diameter of the pipe is required  while the high pressure (metric/Blue line) you measure the outside diameter.  These measurements are critical especially when sizing the appropriate pressure fittings.

Brookies sources its poly pipe and fittings from Australian manufacture Iplex.

The advent of high density polmers has revolutionized the plumbing market making it much simpler for the D.I.Y. enthusiast to lay and connect basic household water reticulation systems.

Once again, compression fittings are available as Rural (pump pressure) or Metric(mains pressures) configurations.

Philmac, an Australian manufacturer, supplies Brookies with the complete range of compression fittings, bushes, nipples, risers and many more fittings necessary for most household/acreage applications.

To assist staff with the correct selection of your compression fitting, a short piece of the poly pipe being used would help identify the correct size and type.

All of Brookies water tank suppliers fit as standard the basic inlet strainer, overflow and outlet.  Overtime when these parts need replacement Brookies can assist.

We also supply covers for the pump, first flush devices to keep out contaminants, filters and filter housings to further reduce any other particles in suspension, ultra violet units that remove pathogens and additives that also help purify household drinking water.

Suppliers:  DaveyAquasafeFluid Product ServicesClaytech