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Dine A Chook Dried Mealworms



Dine A Chook Natural Dried Mealworms 283g offer exceptional value for money as well as health benefits for your Chickens.

Natural Protein Treat for: Chickens, Wild Birds as well as reptiles.

Fast facts about Dried Mealworms 283g:

  • Feed around 10 meal worms per Chicken every second day.
  • 100% Natural Dehydrated Dried Mealworms
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Natural high Protein supplement as well as Amino acids
  • Aids healthy egg production
  • 5 times as much protein as live worms without mess or high mortality rate
  • Lasts up to 12 months
  • Resealable pack for freshness
  • Rehydrate to soften
  • Our meals have a higher protein content than many other brands.
  • Dine A Chook is Australia's number one supplier of Quality Mealworms.

Contains: 53% protein, 28% fat, 6% fibre, 5% moisture

Why are Meal worms so good?

If you have just learnt about Dried Mealworms for Chickens, here are some of the reasons why they are good for your Chickens. Natural Mealworms are treats that Chickens simply love. Chickens in the wild eat insects. In a pen, they lack that natural protein source. For chickens and laying hens, they are a healthy treat and supplement for the diet of your flock. Use to boost protein in your hens diet. Laying Hens need high protein for healthy egg producing. Mealworms deliver that extra protein. Also, just a few scattered around the pen can encourage the natural foraging instincts of Chickens. If you prefer you can mix them into your pellet mix in your Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder. They also are an excellent tonic for moulting birds. Learn how to Rehydrate Mealworms

Use meal worms as treats for:

  • Chickens as well as Poultry
  • Caged Birds
  • Attracting wild birds to your backyard
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Fish and frogs
  • Some marsupials

Important to remember when using Dried Mealworms. Always ensure your Chickens have plenty of water when using any dehydrated or dry feed mix. The chickens use the water to soften the food as well as help in healthy digestion.

This product is not for human consumption.