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Kozy 600D Nylon Horse Rug Combo



Kozy 600D Nylon Horse Rug Combo: Classic Comfort and Endurance

Indulge your equine companion in the classic warmth and comfort of the Kozy 600D Nylon Horse Rug Combo. Meticulously designed for endurance and optimal performance, this rug ensures your horse stays cozy and content, whether in the stable or out in the paddock.

Key Features:

  • Durable 600 Denier Seamless Ripstop Outer: The rugged 600 denier ripstop outer provides exceptional durability, protecting your horse against wear and tear in various conditions.
  • Waterproof and Breathable: Engineered for superior weather protection, this combo is both waterproof and breathable, offering comfort and protection against the elements.
  • 200g Polyfill: With a 200g polyfill, the rug provides ample insulation, keeping your horse warm during colder days and nights.
  • Satin Lining: The quilted satin lining on the chest and shoulders adds a touch of luxury while preventing rubs and ensuring a comfortable fit. Satin-lined combo neck not only protects the mane but also enhances the overall comfort and style of this classic Kozy rug.
  • Secure Fastening: Shoulder gussets, crossover surcingles, folded rump darts, and a tent tail flap provide a secure and tailored fit that stays in place during various activities.
  • Versatile Straps: Provide a secure fit with double chest straps, offering customization based on your horse's physique. Enjoy versatility with removable leg straps, allowing customization based on your horse's preference. 

Treat your horse to the timeless comfort of the Kozy 600D Nylon Horse Rug Combo – where enduring quality meets classic design.