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Since they were domesticated approximately 6000 years ago, horses have been a constant companion to mankind.

Although the horse’s role has somewhat dimished over time, people still gain significant enjoyment from owning and caring for our equine friend.

Brookies Rural Store can assist you with all your equine requirements to maitain your animal in great condition.

Hay and Chaff

  • lucerne chaff
  • triple chaff
  • oaten and wheaten chaff
  • 1st grade prime hay
  • 2nd grade prime hay
  • grassy hay seasonal
  • barley hay seasonal
  • Round bales – grassy
  • Round bales – lucerne when available

Bagged Feeds

We have a wide range of bagged feeds available in store and access to many suppliers for other requests.

In store feeds 

  • Wormers by VirbacBayer, Fort Dodge, Genesis
  • Wound dressings and treatment
  • itch and fly control
  • hoof conditioners
  • thrush buster
  • Equililbrum mineral mix and cool mix
  • Vitagain seaweed meal
  • Livamol
  • KelatoLite
  • Vitamite performa 3
  • Prydes EasiOil
  • Calcium and DCP
  • Sulphur
  • Molasses
  • Hoof supplements – see instore for more
  • shampoos and conditioners
  • brushes, hoof picks, scrapers, wash down sponges
  • web and rope halters and leads

Check out Saddlery Trading online for our extended range of horse accessories and tack available.

  • Metal Drums
  • Tyre feeders
  • Plastic half cut drums
  • Recycled tuff rubber feed tubs with handles
  • Hay nets
  • Long line trough feeders and drinkers  by Rapid Plas
  • D feeders, haysavers and chaff bins by Rapid Plas
  • Round Yards by Arrow Farmquip

See in store for other storage options

  • hysorb sawdust bagged
  • rice hull 125kg bulker bag
  • Straw

Pauline from Equi-Rug offers a pick up and return repair service through Brookies and also will make rugs to order.  This is a reliable and quick turn around service at very affordable pricing. 

We have had a long association with Pauline offering this service and highly recommend.

Check out Saddlery Trading online for our extended range of horse accessories and tack available to order.

See electrical fencing systems and fencing materials