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Indigo Amigo 120ME Growth Regulator

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For the Regulation of Leaf and Stem Growth of Grass Species and as an Aid in Turf Management

Amigo 120 ME 1L PGR

ProForce Amigo 120 ME is a micro-emulsion formulation and is registered for the regulation of leaf and stem growth, as well as a turf management aid across a range of turfgrass species and growing regimes. 1L Amigo can treat up to 5000sqm. 

Key Features of Amigo

  • Inhibits vertical shoot growth.
  • Promotes rich colour, lateral stem and root mass development.
  • Helps produce healthy, durable blades in turfgrass.
  • Helps turf withstand seasonal stresses.
  • Odourless, micro-emulsion concentrate formulation, that is petroleum solvent free and tank mix flexible.
  • Rainfast within 3 hours.
  • Increases quality of final cut, particularly in high maintenance situations.
  • Reduced clippings for efficient mowing and reduction in waste.
  • Registered for use in Bahiagrass management and suppression.
  • Registered for a very broad range of turf species (more than 12 differing turf species) 

Amigo will promote greener, denser, more resilient turf with less growth, fewer clippings, and therefore less expensive maintenance.

Amigo is the trusted growth regulator that pre-conditions turf for stress and optimises surface quality and colour 

Amigo is safe to use on all turf types. Applied to actively growing turf, at least 6 hours before or after mowing.