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Avigrain Blue Budgie Mix



Avigrain Blue Budgie Mix: The Finest Blend for Top Budgerigar Breeders

Avigrain introduces the Blue Budgie Mix, crafted to perfection with 50% canaryseed – the preferred choice of renowned budgerigar breeders. This blend features a meticulous combination of White French Millet, Panorama, Jap Millet, Panicum, Shirohie Millet, and Red Panicum, offering a nutritionally rich diet for your beloved budgies.

Key Features: 

  • 50% Canaryseed: A significant portion of canaryseed, catering to the preferences of top budgerigar breeders.
  • Carefully Selected Mix: Expertly crafted with a precise blend of millets and seeds for optimal budgie nutrition.

Elevate your budgerigar's diet with Avigrain Blue Budgie Mix – the preferred choice for breeders committed to excellence in avian health and vitality. 

Please note: Due to biosecurity measures, this product cannot be imported to Western Australia or Tasmania. Buyers are solely responsible for any duties, customs fees, or fines incurred. Brookies Rural Traders holds no liability for charges associated with items seized or fines imposed on the importer for the importation of these products. Should it be intercepted or confiscated at the border, Brookies Rural Traders will not provide a refund or replacement. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Western Australia Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007

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