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Avigrain Peachface/Small Parrot Mix



A Gold-Plated Delight for Feathered Friends!

Indulge your small parrots with Avigrain Peachface Small Parrot Mix—an Avigrain gold-plated best seller and the top choice recommended by breeders for all parrot types. Crafted with a blend of White French Millet, Grey Stripe Sunflower, Canary seed, Hulled Oats, and/or Safflower (season varied), this mix is a symphony of flavours and nutrition.

Key Features:

  • Nutrient-Rich Blend: Millets, canary seed, hulled oats, grey stripe sunflower, and safflower provide a wholesome mix rich in carbohydrates and low in fibre, catering to the nutritional needs of small parrots.
  • Consistent Canary Seed: Avigrain maintains a consistent level of canary seed in every blend, ensuring palatability and a nutritional difference from millet, with higher fibre and lower carbohydrates.
  • Balanced Oats Inclusion: Hulled oats, full of carbohydrates and highly palatable, are used sparingly in Avigrain blends, contributing to the overall nutritional excellence.
  • Oilseed Indulgence: Grey stripe sunflower and safflower, high-fat and fibre oilseeds, add a delectable touch that birds love, recommended to be fed sparingly due to their elevated fat levels.

Treat your parrots to Avigrain Peachface Small Parrot Mix—a gold-standard blend for avian delight and optimal nutrition.