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Barastoc Steamflake Molassed Barley



Barastoc Steam Flaked Barley & Molasses is a highly palatable and digestible supplementary source of energy for horses in work in Australia.

What will Barastoc Steam Flaked Barley & Molasses Provide For my Horses 

  • A controlled energy boost when used to supplement your horse’s regular feed.

  • Steam flaked barley for improved digestibility and to reduce digestive complications associated with high grain diets.

  • Added molasses to increase palatability.

For working horses that could do with an extra burst of energy, Barastoc Steam Flaked Barley & Molasses ideal for horses in Australia who require a robust supplementary feed. Featuring a selection of specially formulated ingredients that create a  nutritious feed, it’s designed to be eaten according to an individual horse’s specific condition and the quality of their existing pasture.

Providing the perfect complement to a healthy diet, this highly effective feed uses steam flaked barley to significantly improve digestion for your horses. This process ensures a great reduction in digestive complications compared to other types of processing With steam flaked barley for horses providing plenty of digestible energy to help them power through the day, it also delivers an increased level of nutrients compared to some other grains.

feeding rates

The recommendations are intended as a guide only. The amount fed will vary according to the horse’s condition and the quality of pasture and/or roughage available. Barastoc Steam Flaked Barley with Molasses should be used to supplement grazing and/or high-quality roughage, with a fortified feed or supplement, to not more than one-third of the horse’s daily feed intake by weight. Introduce this product gradually over a two week period starting with only 500 grams per day.