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Barastoc Workhorse



Fully fortified performance muesli feed with highly digestible super fibres.

Barastoc Workhorse – High Fibre Oat Enriched Muesli

Barastoc Workhorse a fully fortified performance muesli feed with highly digestible super fibres, ensuring that your animal benefits from an endurance mix horse feed.

Hardworking horses have special nutritional requirements. To keep them fit and healthy, Barastoc Workhorse provides a palatable, highly digestible energy source that maximises performance and gut health. With a carefully conceived formula containing the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that an adult horse requires, Barastoc Workhorse is an endurance mix horse feed offering balanced nutrition to provide your performance horse with the energy they need. Barastoc Workhorse contains molasses and a specially created horse food, enhanced with vitamins and minerals to assist with muscle recovery and endurance.

Barastoc Workhorse also includes Barastoc Gastrolize™ to provide vital buffering for a horse’s stomach and hindgut. With gastric ulcers unfortunately common in workhorses, this is complemented by the addition of Diamond V® XPC, which promotes gut health and improves calcium and phosphorus digestion. If you want your animal to maintain peak performance for longer and avoid problematic health concerns, try the endurance mix horse feed today.

What will Barastoc Endurance Mix Horse Feed Workhorse do for my horse?

  • Contains the revolutionary Diamond V® XPC to promote gut health and improve calcium and phosphorous digestion, and;

  • Includes Barastoc Gastrolize™, to aid in buffering the stomach and hindgut to assist in providing relief from the discomfort caused from gastric ulcers.

  • Contains steam flaked grains to provide a high concentration of energy in a form that is safe and easily digested.

  • Carefully blended mix providing all the protein, vitamins and minerals a mature horse in hard work requires.

  • Contains increased mineral levels to compensate for sweat losses and molasses for improved palatability.

  • Optimised bioavailable calcium to phosphorus ratio and magnesium enriched formula to support nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism prone horses.

feeding rates

The recommendations provided are intended as a guide only. If you are feeding any other fortified feeds and/or supplements please consult a veterinarian or nutritionist. For larger horses please consult Barastoc. Introduce this product gradually over a two week period. Intakes less than the levels listed may require additional vitamin and mineral supplementation.