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Bonofido XL Triangle Small Animal Hutch


The Bono Fido Triangle Small Animal Hutch K103L is a wooden triangle shaped hutch that will provide your small animal with the spacious and luxurious home they deserve. This hutch is 1.2 meters long, so provides plenty of space for your little furry friend to run around, play and relax.

It is designed for use outdoors, with the open base perfect for them to munch on grass and mow your lawn. It has a heavy-duty sturdy wire outside for protection and sunshine, as well as a fully covered enclosed wooden area to sleep or rest. The enclosed section is easy to clean, making toilet training or cleaning up after your bunny a simple an easy task. This hutch is easy to move around, to ensure your pet has access to grass all day long.


  • Large outdoor run
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Open base to allow access to grass
  • Heavy duty sturdy wire
  • Fully enclosed wooden sleep section
  • Easy cleaning and moving

Size: 116cm(W) x 62cm(D) x 52cm(H)

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