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Dine A Chook Lubing Cup

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Lubing Cup for Chicken Drinkers are a game-changer in the way backyard chickens are hydrated. Our Chicken Drinkers offer exceptional value for money for Genuine German Lubing cups. Also known as Chicken Drinker Cups, by design they help prevent evaporation as well as having a Dine a Chook engineered float upgrade that automatically refills the cup without needing the chickens to press on it. Another benefit is the redesign of the float by Dine A Chook allows more water in the drinker cup so your hens can access it easier. Smart thinking. 

Lubing Cups are suitable for:

  • Chickens
  • Adult Quail
  • Pheasant
  • Partridge
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Pigeons

Not suitable for Waterfowl.

Immediate benefits of Lubing Cups for Chicken Drinkers include:

  • Supply clean fresh water
  • Connect to DIY Chicken watering system
  • Use with a Dine A Chook Chicken drinker
  • Helps prevent contamination from fecal matter
  • Upgraded Automatic water release float
  • Helps inhibit algae growth

Are there differences in Chicken Drinker Cups?

Yes. Unlike cheaper inferior design chicken waterer cups, there are huge differences. Cheaply designed drinker cups for chickens require the chicken to press down on the float to release water into the cup. Our's does not. 

Dine A Chook uses World leading German manufacturer Lubing brand. We have also upgraded the float so it is fully automatic. As the chickens drink the water, the float opens the release value to supply fresh water. 

How to use a lubing cup for chicken watering?

It can be fitted to a Dine a Chook Chicken Drinker. You can also build your own Automatic Chicken Watering Station complete with lubing drinker cups. This allows you to design your own system for larger backyard flocks. 

How to clean.

Cleaning is so simple. Made with super tough parts, you can clean by a simple gentle hose out. Also, if you find algae growing on the sides from time to time, simply clean out using a cloth and some chemical free Apple Cider Vinegar.