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Dr Bristol Eggbutt Bit with Full Cheek

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Enhance Control with the Dr Bristol Eggbutt Bit featuring Full Cheek

Experience precise control and gentle communication with the Dr Bristol Eggbutt Bit designed with a full cheek. This bit, crafted with thoughtful features, aims to distribute pressure evenly while encouraging responsiveness and maintaining comfort for your horse.

Key Features:

  • Dr Bristol Mouthpiece: The bit features a two-jointed Dr Bristol mouthpiece, distributing pressure across the tongue and bars without interfering with the roof of the mouth. The flat-shaped lozenge centre applies a sharper, more pronounced pressure to the tongue, aiding in encouraging the horse to go on the bit.
  • Tongue Pressure and Mobility: Utilizing tongue pressure, this bit promotes contact without encouraging leaning. The multiple joints enhance the bit's mobility, making it effective for riders seeking extra assistance in slowing down or stopping their horses.
  • Full Cheek Design: The full cheek design prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth, offering stability and control during communication.
  • Cob (12.5cm)

Choose the Dr Bristol Eggbutt Bit with Full Cheek for a balanced combination of control, communication, and comfort, providing you and your horse with a reliable riding experience.