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Earthlife Garden Mate



Earthlife Garden Mate: Your Garden's Best Friend

Earthlife Garden Mate is a 100% natural garden soil and plant conditioner enriched with over 60 essential mineral elements, including rare earths and plant-available silica. It also contains natural rock phosphate and over 30 beneficial microbe and fungi species.

Key Features:

  • Safe for Australian Native Plants: Earthlife Garden Mate is suitable for Australian native plants, ensuring they receive the care they need.
  • Organic Grower Approved: An allowable input for organic growers, this soil conditioner aligns with environmentally friendly gardening practices.
  • Rapid Results: When worked into the soil, Garden Mate delivers faster results, promoting optimal plant growth.
  • Versatile Application: It can be spread over mulch, bark, or soil, making it easy to use and effective in various garden setups.
  • Plant-Friendly: Garden Mate won't harm plant foliage or root hairs, ensuring your garden thrives without setbacks.
  • pH Stabilization: This conditioner stabilizes soil pH, creating a more hospitable environment for your plants.
  • Enhanced Water Retention: It improves water penetration, water holding capacity, and nutrient cycling, helping your plants flourish in any weather.
  • Perfect Complement: For the best results, use Garden Mate alongside other Earthlife garden products.
  • Vegan-Friendly: Garden Mate is vegan-friendly, adhering to ethical gardening practices.

All Soils:Garden Mate breaks hydrophobic crusts in all soils, enhancing water penetration and improving water-holding capacity. It replaces gypsum, lime, and dolomite while restoring essential elements, life, and energy.

Clay  Soils:Acts as a fast-acting clay breaker. You don't need to dig it in; simply water it. Improvements are visible 2-3 weeks after application. It creates softer soil, improving drainage, aeration, and nutrient availability. Repeat initial application 4-6 weeks later and then lighter applications 3-4 monthly after that. Garden Mate  creates softer soil and improves drainage, aeration and nutrient availability.

Sandy Soils:Binds sand particles together, reducing nutrient leaching and improving moisture availability.

Planting:enhances soil and plant media mineral content, improving structure, moisture, and nutrient cycling. This leads to healthier root systems, stronger stem growth, and more resilient plants, regardless of weather conditions.

You'll notice increased earthworm activity within the root zone, which further enhances nutrient availability in your soil. Earthworms love it and in turn will help to enhance nutrient availability in your soil. Say goodbye to common gardening issues like waterlogged gardens, broken tools, or wilting plants by incorporating Garden Mate into your garden bed preparation.

Where and When to Use It:Apply every 3 to 4 months, or more frequently if necessary. Whether your garden struggles with water retention, dense clay soil, or poor nutrient availability, Garden Mate is the solution for healthier, more vibrant plants.

How Often to Use It: All existing gardens, trees, pot plants, lawns and new gardens. Extremely beneficial when planting or transplanting or repotting all plants.

Application Rate:

  • Problem Soils or Areas: 500gm/m² (5 handfuls approx.)
  • Heavy Clay Soil or  Very Sandy Soils: 1kg-2kg/m² (10 -20 handfuls approx.)
  • Most Planting Situations: 300gm/m² (3 handfuls approx.)
  • General Conditioning: 100gm/m² (1 handful approx.)
  • Re-Potting: 25gm/L potting mix (1 tablespoon)

Typical Analysis of Garden Mate

Phosphate (P)


Potassium (K)


Calcium (Ca)


Magnesium (Mg)


Silica (Si)


Sulphate (S)


Iron (Fe)


Plus 60 other micro nutrients

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