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Equine Pure Equine Bedding



EquinePure Pellets: Pure Comfort, Pure Cleanliness for Happy Horses

Discover the epitome of equine comfort with EquinePure Pellets—pine horse stable bedding pellets crafted from the pure heart of pine. Horses, much like humans, deserve a warm, dry, and soft place to rest, and EquinePure ensures they get just that.

Key Features:

  • 100% Bark and Tar Free: Made exclusively from the pure heart of pine, EquinePure Pellets are 100% bark and tar-free. Say goodbye to contaminants and welcome a bedding solution that prioritizes the health and well-being of your horses.
  • Dust-Free and Shard-Free: Unlike sawdust and shavings, EquinePure Pellets boast a dust-free and shard-free composition. The absence of dust and shards ensures a clean and safe environment, reducing the risk of respiratory issues for both horses and caretakers.
  • Allergen-Free: Ideal for horses with allergies, sensitive skin, or breathing issues, EquinePure Pellets provide a pure and allergen-free bedding solution. The virgin pine used in the pellets eliminates irritants, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable living space.
  • Lightweight and Shock Absorbent: EquinePure Pellets offer the perfect bedding that doesn't weigh down your horse. The lightweight nature of the bedding prevents compaction in hooves, ensuring a comfortable and secure footing.
  • Fast Expansion and Longevity: EquinePure Pellets stand out with their rapid expansion, fluffiness retention, and efficient moisture lock-in.
  • Australian Owned and Sustainable: Proudly Australian-owned and operated, EquinePure prioritizes sustainability. The raw pine used in the pellets is sourced exclusively from environmentally sustainable and approved pine plantations in Australia.

Choose EquinePure Pellets for a bedding solution that goes beyond the ordinary—providing your horses with pure comfort, cleanliness, and a healthier living environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The jury is still out on this product.

I've been using Proteq for quite a while now as kitty litter but there have been supply issues with it so I thought I'd try this brand. I only have one cat so the higher cost is not so bad but if I still had 3 cats I probably wouldn't buy it. I still have to weigh up the pros and cons of this product to decide if paying the extra price is worth it.
Absolutely NO odor from urine or poos
Much easier to dispose of the sawdust and clean the litter tray every week
More expensive
I'm using more pellets because it turns to large amounts of sawdust easier so it's not as economical. When a small amount of urine has been passed the area around it turns to sawdust which is normal but the sawdust is 4 times the size that it used to be using Proteq. So, a bag doesn't last as long.

Craig Ostler

Had a phone call to advise and ask if I would like to have my order transferred to Samford Vallley store as it was closer, which was a welcome surprise and much appreciated service.
The staff at Samford were very friendly and provide reasonably high level of customer service.