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Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Hooded Cat Litter System

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The Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Hooded Cat Litter Tray is a revolutionary system that simplifies the task of managing your cat's litter area. This super-smart solution ensures that cleaning up after your feline friend is as easy as one, two, three.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Hooded Tray: The Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Hooded Cat Litter Tray offers a private space for your cat to comfortably handle their business. This hooded design not only provides your cat with a secluded area but also keeps dirty litter out of sight and smell, contributing to a cleaner and odour-free living space.
  • Drawer System: Convenient drawer system that securely holds absorbent pads under litter pellets and easy changing. The clever dual-layer design is key to maintaining a clean and odour-free environment. Use the specially designed Ezi-LockOdour Absorbent Pads that acts as a reliable moisture and odour-trapping layer.
  • Specialised Cat Litter: Use the Ezi-LockOdour Natural Zeolite Pellet Cat Litter that specialises in efficiently trapping moisture and odours, keeping your cat's area fresh.

The Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Hooded Cat Litter Tray simplifies your cat's litter maintenance. Regular cleaning only requires scooping solid clumps from the tray. With a monthly replacement of the litter and weekly replacement of the absorbent pad, the task is as effortless as can be. The absorbent pad, strategically positioned beneath the litter, plays a crucial role in capturing moisture, ensuring a fresh and pleasant living environment.

By separating solid clumps in the top portion of the tray from the litter below, this system streamlines maintenance, reducing both time and effort. The Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Hooded Cat Litter System ensures a cleaner, more odour-free space, affording both you and your cat the comfort and cleanliness you deserve. Experience hassle-free litter management with Ezi-LockOdour.

Customer Reviews

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Little Miss Bonnie Girl
Happy with purchase

First I must thank you for your very prompt delivery. More so at this crazy time of year. I have been researching the Ezi Lock Cat litter system for some time. So far I am happy with the purchase. Still has an odour but much better that what I've been using thus far. My cat must just do a lot of Wee's as the pads are very saturated in less than a week. And have to be disposed of sooner than I'd hoped. It could also be down to the fact that since I purchase the Ezi lock system we've had every day between 39-42 degree's so she's more than likely drinking more. Even with being and indoor cat with aircon going 24/7.