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Green Valley Pigeon Mix



Green Valley Pigeon Mix: A Wholesome Snack for Happy Pigeons

Introducing Green Valley's Pigeon Mix – a delectable blend of natural seeds enriched with oils to provide your pigeons with a delightful and nutritious snack between meals.

Key Features:

  • Natural Goodness, Extra Nutrition: Green Valley Pigeon Mix is crafted from all-natural seeds, with the added goodness of oils for enhanced nutrition. Packed with dunn peas, whole maize, sorghum, safflower, wheat, and vegetable oil, this mix ensures that your pigeons enjoy a tasty and healthy treat with every peck.
  • Probiotic Boost for Intestinal Health: Now fortified with the natural multi-strain probiotic ProN8ure®, Green Valley emphasizes optimal intestinal digestion and healt h for your pigeons. This addition enhances the overall well-being of your feathered friends.

Feeding Tips for a Balanced Diet: Green Valley encourages a balanced and varied diet to mirror the feeding habits of wild birds. Combining high-quality foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, seeding grasses, native flowers, and green foods caters to the diverse nutritional needs of pigeons.

  • Mineral Essentials for Vitality: Ensure your pigeons receive essential trace minerals by providing a cuttlefish bone, mixed grit, and a calcium source.
  • Hydration Priority: Fresh, clean water should always be available to meet the hydration needs of your pigeons.

Green Valley Pigeon Mix isn't just bird feed; it's a nutritional experience designed to delight your pigeons while ensuring their health and happiness. Treat your pigeons to the premium blend that speaks to their taste buds and nutritional needs – only from Green Valley.

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Western Australia Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007

Tasmania Biosecurity Act 2019