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Jenco Sorghum Free Laying Mash



With no sorghum and a larger percentage of alternative cereal grains, Jenco 17% ‘Sorghum Free’ Layer Mash is the ideal premium feed for hen owners seeking a premium poultry feed.

To enhance egg production and the overall health of your hens, Jenco 17% ‘Sorghum Free’ Layer Mash includes:

A protein concentrate pellet containing a vitamin and mineral premix

A natural active enzyme that is proven to boost digestion and metabolism.

The mash is naturally sweetened with molasses and vegetable oil to increase palatability.

All natural

All our products are 100% natural vegetarian feeds that are free from Restricted Animal Material (RAM*), medication, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colours and flavourings.

Quality guarantee

In making this product we source only the very best grains and use strict quality control procedures to remove all impuritiestoensureasuperiorquality nutritious feed every time.

Feeding guide

Suitable for all breeds of laying hens.

Make sure clean water is always available. In addition to the mash, your hens will also benefit from access to pastures.

Premium ingredients

This formulation consists of ingredients selected from the following list:

Wheat, Maize, Oats, Barley, Protein Concentrate Pellet, Cr. Lupins, Grey Stripe Sunflowers, Black Sunflowers, Limestone, Vitamin and Mineral premix, Natural Enzyme, Molasses and Vegetable Oil.


Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in a sealable vermin proof container.

* This feed is free from Restricted Animal Material being meat, meat and bone meal, blood meal, poultry offal meal, feather meal, fishmeal or any other animal meals