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Jenco Whole Barley

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Jenco Premium Whole Barley: A Wholesome Treat for Foraging Pets

Jenco brings you Premium Whole Barley, a versatile cereal grain with a nutty flavour. Sourced locally in the southern Darling Downs, this high-fibre, low-energy grain is an ideal feed for foraging animals. Treat your pets to the goodness of Jenco Premium Whole Barley and let them indulge in a wholesome and delicious treat.

Key Features:

  • Local Sourcing: Harvested from the fertile fields of the southern Darling Downs for guaranteed freshness.
  • High in Fibre: Promotes digestive health and overall well-being for foraging pets.

Give your pets the delight of Jenco Premium Whole Barley – a nutritious and flavourful addition to their daily diet. 

Please note: Due to biosecurity measures, this product cannot be imported to Western Australia or Tasmania. Buyers are solely responsible for any duties, customs fees, or fines incurred. Brookies Rural Traders holds no liability for charges associated with items seized or fines imposed on the importer for the importation of these products. Should it be intercepted or confiscated at the border, Brookies Rural Traders will not provide a refund or replacement. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Western Australia Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007

Tasmania Biosecurity Act 2019