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KER Equi-Jewel



Equi-Jewel® is a scientifically formulated high-fat, low-starch, and cool-energy conditioner. Equi-Jewel is the original, research-proven stabilised rice bran product for horses and is the only conditioning supplement to include KER BMC™ to buffer the digestive tract. This, combined with Equi-Jewel’s proven track record, make it the go-to topline conditioner for horse owners, leading trainers and breeding farms around the world.

Equi-Jewel contains KER BMC, a unique source of marine-derived calcium shown to be more highly digestible than other forms of calcium typically used in feeds. KER BMC has been shown to buffer stomach acid to bolster gastric health and reduce the incidence of ulcers, as well as moderate the pH of the hindgut to prevent acidosis.

Equi-Jewel also contains linoleic acid which has been shown to reduce gastric acid secretion and increase output of protective prostaglandins, making Equi-Jewel an important component in the diet of horses at risk of gastric ulcers and hindgut disturbances.

    • High in calories, without the fizz associated with high-grain diets.
    • Highly digestible and palatable.
    • Low in starch—ideal for horses intolerant to grain, those prone to tying-up, and those with behavioural issues. 
    • The low feeding rate and high digestibility provides for an economical calorie supplement.
    • The benefit of rice bran for conditioning and muscle-building.
    • Stabilised and extruded to lock in the fat content, increase shelf life and prevent oxidation. 
    • Contains essential fatty acids for healthy skin and a naturally shiny coat.
    • Contains added calcium to balance the high phosphorus level found naturally in rice bran and other commonly fed brans and pollards.
    • Supplies the powerful antioxidants, natural vitamin E and organic selenium.
    • Supported by extensive research with proven advantages over other fat sources.

Feeding Directions

Equi-Jewel is suitable for all horses from 6 months of age requiring a highly digestible source of fat. Mix the required amount of Equi-Jewel with the regular daily ration. As with any changes in your horse’s diet ensure Equi-Jewel is added gradually over 5 to 10 days. Adjust the following feeding rates depending upon weight, condition and level of work. 

Type of Horse Weight Estimation Equi-Jewel feeding rate per day
Performance Horse 500 kg 500 g up to 2 kg
Yearling, Broodmare, Senior or Resting 350-500 kg 250 g up to 1.5 kg
Weanling 250 kg 200 g up to 500 g