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Barastoc (KER) Low GI



Low GI Cube is a low-NSC, low-glycemic, fully fortified feed for performance and breeding horses in a highly palatable and convenient cube.

Low GI Cube is a blend of low-glycemic energy sources, quality protein, amino acids, vitamins and organic minerals including Zinpro Performance Minerals. Zinpro Performance Minerals have been shown by research to increase bone mineralisation, immune responses, coat quality and hoof health.

Scientific research has shown that low-glycemic feed sources produce more balanced energy levels due to minimal blood sugar and insulin spikes following a meal.

Low GI Cube derives energy from fats and digestible fibre, making it ideal for horses that do not tolerate cereal grain. Minimal energy is derived from starch, resulting in a lower glycemic response to feeding.

The horse’s digestive tract is designed to slowly digest and absorb feed. Feeds high in starch and sugar are absorbed quickly and often cause sudden changes in blood glucose and insulin levels, or upset the flora and pH balance of the hindgut. These sudden changes may increase the risk of disorders such as excitable behaviour, hindgut acidosis, colic, laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome, developmental orthopaedic disease and tying-up.

Feeding Directions

Mix KER Low GI Cube daily with chaff or feed alone. Grain may be fed in conjunction if a higher calorie diet is required. Adjust grain according to needs based on breed, body condition, growth rate and available forage. 

1-2 kg Older foal (if fed)
2-3 kg Weanling
3-5 kg Yearling
2-4 kg Mid-Late pregnant mare
3-6 kg Lactating mare
2-4 kg Spelling horse, dry mare
2-3 kg Performance horse - light work
3-5 kg Performance horse - heavy work