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Kohnkes Own Cal-Xtra



Cal-Xtra: Calcium and Bone Mineral Supplement for Horses Grazing Oxalate-containing Pastures.

Formulated as a critical supplement for horses grazing in regions with oxalate-containing grasses, commonly in Queensland, The Northern Territory and parts of New South Wales and Victoria.

Tropical and sub-tropical grass, particularly setaria, para, buffel, teff, pangola, kikuya, couch grass and green panic, contain oxalates which bind up and reduce the absorption of calcium, resulting in calcium deficiency which can lead to bone weakness.

Cal-XTRA is a concentrated source of bone minerals, especially calcium, to ensure extra supply and help prevent bone demineralisation that would otherwise lead to lameness, osteoporosis and Big Head.

Horses on high grain diets also benefit from the calcium and other nutrients supplied by Cal-XTRA to help bone strength and soundness during moderate to intense training.

Major Ingredients:concentrated source of important bone minerals, including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in an optimum ratio to correct low or inadequate levels in the diets of growing, breeding, working or resting horses, especially those with a predominately grass-based diet. Includes important vitamins A and D3.

CAL-Xtra does not include trace-minerals and is not a full ration balancing supplement. Including another vitamin and mineral supplement, such as Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform, Cell-Vital or Cell-Provide is recommended.

Cal-Xtra is a powdered supplement with a dense consistency which is easy to mix into all types of feeds, wet or dry.