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Kohnkes Own Cell Vital

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Cell Vital - Concentrated Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for all Working Horses

A multi-vitamin and trace-mineral supplement which is ideal for resting or working horses when their diet is low or inadequate in nutrients required for overall health and vitality.

Suitable to balance all types of diets, especially as a top-up for a commercial feed diet of pelleted or mixed hard feeds which have reduced levels of the top-quality micronutrients provided by Cell-Vital.

Designed to offset any loss of nutrients common during the processing and storage of grains, chaff, hay or prepared feeds.

The concentrated dose ensures a nutritionally balanced diet, with results you can really see in your horse’s coat colour and intensity, performance and well-being.

  • A full range of trace-minerals, many in organic chelated form for optimum bioavailability
  • Fully organic selenium and chromium
  • All essential vitamins and vitamin co-factors
  • Higher level of biotin, choline and iodine for hoof health and strength
  • Includes moderate level of calcium and phosphorus
  • Does not swab, safe and legal for all competitions
  • Does not provide extra energy, sugar or cause ‘fizz’
  • Pelleted and palatable supplement which mixes easily into all types of feeds (wet or dry).