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Fabby - Multi-Action Probiotic and Prebiotic Digestive Supplement for Horses

Formulated using the latest scientific knowledge in probiotic and prebiotic research, specifically to improve digestive health and function which is crucial for an efficient gastro-intestinal system of all horses regardless of age, diet and exercise levels.

  • Contains highly concentrated probiotics as three different types of yeasts and three different bacterial strains
  • Multiple premium prebiotics to encourage growth and activity of the ‘good’ hindgut microbes for optimum fermentation and digestive capacity
  • Digestible and indigestive sources of functional fibres for activating the hindgut to work effectively and improve manure formation
  • Active yeast components which help reduce the infective ability and imbalance of ‘bad’ or pathogenic bacteria in the hindgut.
  • Contains multiple mycotoxin binders for horses with digestive sensitivities caused by mycotoxins and toxic substances produced by moulds in grass, grain and hay sources
  • Specific amino acids such as L-glutamine and L-threonine and selected nucleotide compounds for extra benefits to digestive cells in the intestinal system and general gut health and well-being.
  • Does not contain fillers
  • Does not swab and is legal to use for all racing and competitions.