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Laucke Mills Pullet Grower MP



Laucke Mills Pullet Grower MP: Nourishing Development for Young Layers

Laucke Mills Pullet Grower MP is a premium grower food designed to support the healthy development of layer pullets from 6 weeks of age until they reach the point of lay. High-quality grower food provides the essential nutrition needed to support robust growth and prepare them for productive egg laying.

Key Features:

  • Nutritionally Balanced: Formulated with essential nutrients including protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals to promote optimal growth and development.
  • High Linoleic Acid Content: Contains 1.3% linoleic acid to boost body reserves in preparation for egg production, leading to enhanced egg size.
  • Micro Pellet Form: Manufactured in micro pellet form for easy consumption by young birds, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients for growth.
  • Contains Lasalocid Sodium: Includes Lasalocid sodium to effectively treat and prevent coccidiosis, a common intestinal disease in poultry.

Feeding Recommendations

  • Feed “Chick Starter” crumbles ad lib. from day old to 6 weeks of age.
  • From 6 weeks of age until point of lay feed Pullet Grower MP ad lib. (or restrict feed if body weight control is necessary).
  • From point of lay (approximately 18 weeks of age) feed a quality layer food such as “Red Hen Layer”, “Red Hen Free Range Layer”, “Red Hen 17”, “Showbird Breeder MP”, "Gamebird Breeder", “Hi-Lay Mash”, “Xtra Egg Seventeen” or “Home-Lay”.
  • Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.


  • Lasalocid Sodium:This feed contains Lasalocid sodium for the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria species.
  • Do not feed to hens producing fertile eggs or game birds other than turkeys.
  • Do not feed to camelids, horses or other equids as it may be fatal.
  • Withholding Periods (Meat): Pullets & Broilers 1 day; Turkeys nil; Eggs: 14 days.
  • This feed has been manufactured specifically for animals as described, do not feed to any other species of animal.
  • This product contains restricted animal material. DO NOT FEED TO CATTLE, SHEEP, GOATS, DEER OR OTHER RUMINANTS.


  • Formulation: Wheat, triticale, barley, oats, peas, lupins, lentils, beans, soyabean, canola, sunflower and products derived from these ingredients. Meatmeal, blood meal, fat, limestone, di-calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, salt, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, valine, antioxidant, enzymes and lasalocid sodium. 
  • Vitamins: A, D3, E, K, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenate), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B12 (cobalamin) and choline.
  • Minerals: Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc.

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