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Lawn Pride Turf Starter



LawnPride Under Turf Starter with added Water Crystals will help you get on the front foot where root development of your new turf requires encouragement.

Another added advantage is Under Turf Starter is boosted with water crystals that assist with the heavy lifting in times of drought and water restrictions due to their ability to store significant moisture content allowing the turf grass to draw on as needed.

LawnPride Under Turf Starter is best applied by a fertiliser spreader to ensure even application and irrigated thoroughly once applied. This product is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs.

LawnPride Under Turf is suitable for all turf varieties and is only to be applied prior to turf installation. DO NOT apply Under Turf Starter post installation or to existing lawns.

Nutrient Analysis - 10% Nitrogen (N), 8% Phosphorus (P), 5% Potassium (K) and Water Crystals

CAUTION - This product may stain concrete, masonry, and other hard surfaces. Apply product with caution around these surfaces. Permanent staining may occur. Brush or blow from these surfaces promptly. Do not use water to remove product from these surfaces.

Application Rate: (2.5Kg/100sqm).