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Multicube Lucerne and Oaten Hay Cubes



Multicube Lucerne and Oaten Hay Cubes: A Premium Forage Fusion!

Indulge your equine companions with the exquisite blend of premium tested leafy green lucerne and export-quality oaten hay in Multicube Lucerne and Oaten Hay Cubes. This unique forage alternative stands as the epitome of quality, suitable for all horses and ponies, especially those in work, needing extra weight gain, or unable to handle full lucerne.

Crafted from premium Australian hay, the coarsely chopped blend maintains an ideal fibre length. Through a meticulous process of compression at high pressure and temperature, these Hay Cubes are born – highly palatable, easily digestible, and completely free from additives.

Key Features:

  • Weight Gain
  • 100% Natural Fibre
  • Retained Fibre Length

Multicube Lucerne and Oaten Hay Cubes are not only a convenient forage alternative but also the ideal base for any feed ration. This unique combination ensures that horses receive a wholesome and nutritious diet.


  • 100% Natural Fibre: Hay cubes are a natural, nutritionally consistent alternative source of forage.
  • Retained Fibre Length: Hay is coarsely chopped to maintain an ideal fibre length and then compressed into 32mm Hay Cubes.
  • No Selective Foraging: Uses the entire plant, ensuring no selective foraging occurs.
  • Easy to Digest: Hay Cubes take longer to chew, which increases saliva production for easier digestion.
  • Senior Horse Care: Easy to chew for horses with worn or damaged teeth.
  • Portion Control: Feed by weight not volume. The consistent weight of Hay Cubes allows for quick and easy feed preparation.
  • Minimal Dust: Minimal dust occurs in Hay Cubes which can assist horses with respiratory problems.
  • Reduced Waste: Don’t waste substantial amounts of hay or chaff in the elements.

A key reminder for horse owners: Ensure accurate feeding by weight, not volume, to optimize the benefits of this premium forage option. Elevate your horse's dining experience with Multicube Lucerne and Oaten Hay Cubes – where premium ingredients, unique craftsmanship, and equine nutrition converge in every cube.

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