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Multicube Lucerne and Teff Hay Cubes

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Discover Multicube Lucerne and Teff Hay Cubes: A Harmony of Premium Ingredients for Equine Wellness!

Multicube Lucerne and Teff Hay Cubes redefine equine nutrition with a perfect blend of premium tested teff and leafy green lucerne hay. This low sugar/low starch forage alternative surpasses traditional hay or chaff, offering a 100% pure and additive-free delight in the form of 32mm high-fibre cubes.

Crafted from premium leafy green irrigated lucerne and high-quality teff hay, these cubes provide a highly palatable feed suitable for all horses and ponies. The cool, low sugar, and low starch nature of Teff and Lucerne Hay Cubes make them an ideal all-around feed, particularly beneficial for horses or ponies requiring a diet low in sugar and starch. This is especially pertinent for those with metabolic diseases such as Laminitis or Cushings Disease.

Key Features:

  • Low Sugar
  • Low Starch
  • 100% Natural Fibre

Multicube Lucerne and Teff Hay Cubes stand out as a vital component for any feed ration, offering not just convenience but also a nutritionally rich alternative for equine companions. The fine-stemmed nature of Teff contributes to the unique properties of these cubes, ensuring a well-rounded feed.


  • 100% Natural Fibre: Hay cubes are a natural, nutritionally consistent alternative source of forage.
  • Retained Fibre Length: Hay is coarsely chopped to maintain an ideal fibre length and then compressed into 32mm Hay Cubes.
  • No Selective Foraging: Uses the entire plant, ensuring no selective foraging occurs.
  • Easy to Digest: Hay Cubes take longer to chew, which increases saliva production for easier digestion.
  • Senior Horse Care: Easy to chew for horses with worn or damaged teeth.
  • Portion Control: Feed by weight not volume. The consistent weight of Hay Cubes allows for quick and easy feed preparation.
  • Minimal Dust: Minimal dust occurs in Hay Cubes which can assist horses with respiratory problems.
  • Reduced Waste: Don’t waste substantial amounts of hay or chaff in the elements.

A key reminder for horse owners: Always feed by weight, not volume, to ensure accurate and optimized nutrition. If Teff-only cubes are desired, Compressed Bales of straight Teff Hay are also available. Elevate your horse's nutrition with Multicube Lucerne and Teff Hay Cubes – where premium ingredients, thoughtful craftsmanship, and equine health unite in every cube.

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