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Neta Garden Hose Diamond 12mm x 30m Fitted

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Since the 1940s, Neta has been synonymous with high quality garden products. Neta hoses are manufactured and tested to an exacting standard. Engineered for improved softness, flexibility and kink resistance, making them easy to use.

There is a Neta hose to suit each and every gardener and their garden. All Neta garden hoses are free of toxins and heavy metals (<0.1%).

It starts right at the point of manufacture with the use of high-quality raw materials. Its basic structure, which comprises an inner tube, a woven casing and an outer tube, also determines its quality. The thicker the tube, the stronger the hose will be and the more it will resist kinking.

Strong polyester yarn, neatly and evenly braided, reinforces your Neta hose, allowing it to withstand high water pressure. The outer layer has high UV resistance to withstand the harsh Australia sun.


  • 12mm diameter
  • Burst pressure 2200 kPa
  • Durable braided double layer construction
  • Free of hazardous substances and heavy metals (less than 0.1%)
  • UV stabilised for long life
  • 15 year Neta no-break guarantee
  • 8/10 kink resistance rating
  • Tested and manufactured to meet Australian Standards AS2620