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Philmac 3G Metric End Cap



Built for tough Australian conditions for over 40 years, Philmac achieving success through a commitment to Australian manufacturing and a continuous improvement in quality, product design, innovation and customer service. Made from premium quality Polypropylene and featuring Philmac’s compact design.

Philmac fittings are WRAS approved for above and below ground use. Pipe liners are required up to 63mm for WRAS approval.

Product Features:

  • Quality materials – manufactured from high quality polypropylene to ensure strong connections for many years.
  • UV resistance – this material has a high degree of UV resistance to ensure long term performance even in direct sunlight.
  • Compact design – the ideal fitting to use in confined areas. 
  • Fast and easy installation – Slide and Tighten technology is easy and simple to use on all pipes.
  • No loose components – the collect and seal ring are retained in the body of the fitting.
  • Quality engineered – designed to minimise pipe twist as the nut is tightened.

Philmac threaded fittings are designed for cold water applications only. Exposure to elevated temperatures has a significant impact on the lifetime of the fittings. Manufactured with a Quality System approved to ISO9001 or equivalent shall be accepted for use.

The connection you can trust - Philmac manufactures and distributes a wide range of fittings and valves to cover most PE pipe applications.