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Philmac Pipe Repair Kit Rural

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Built for tough Australian conditions for over 40 years, Philmac achieving success through a commitment to Australian manufacturing and a continuous improvement in quality, product design, innovation and customer service.

Philmac understands there is never enough hours in the day. So, you don’t want to waste your time repairing pipework. But now you can save your valuable time and money with Philmac’s new range of PipeRepair Kits. These handy packs include a length of straight pipe and specialised Philmac fittings.


  • Technologically designed – Slide and Tighten for a reliable connection with the 3G metric compression fittings.
  • Quality materials – manufactured from high quality polypropylene to ensure strong connections for many years.
  • UV resistance – this material has a high degree of UV resistance to ensure long term performance even in direct sunlight.
  • Compact design – the ideal fitting to use in confined areas and compact spaces.
  • Fast and easy installation – Slide and Tighten technology is easy and simple to use on all pipes.
  • Quality engineered – fitting is designed to minimise pipe twist.
  • No loose components – grip ring and seal remain within the product when the nut is removed.
  • StandardsMark and WaterMark approved.
  • Repair kit ensures you will have everything on hand to complete the repair quickly and efficiently.

The connection you can trust - Philmac manufactures and distributes a wide range of fittings and valves to cover most PE pipe applications.