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Poseidon Digestive VM



Digestive VM 

Digestive VM is a pelleted, comprehensive vitamin, trace mineral and amino acid supplement. It supplies nutrients known to be important for a horse’s everyday functions and health based on established daily requirements.

It has been formulated to fill nutrient gaps of forage (pasture or hay) based diets, unfortified grain diets or diets whereby less than the recommended feeding rate of a commercial feed is being fed. To complement the importance of digestive health, we have added a small amount of our yeast derived prebiotic to support the good bacteria in a horse’s hindgut, making fibre digestion more efficient and keeping the good bacteria happy to support overall health.

It provides vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form including natural vitamin E, organic selenium and organic chromium. It does not contain grain, grain by-products or molasses, making it a good option for horses prone to laminitis, diagnosed with PPID (Cushings) or PSSM and overweight horses on an energy restricted diet. It has also been designed to work synergistically with Digestive EQ or as a standalone product and is the most complete vitamin and mineral equine supplement to enter the market.

Correct vitamin, mineral and amino acid nutrition is essential for your horse to achieve optimal health. To meet these needs, Poseidon created Digestive VM... the ultimate vitamin, mineral, and amino supplement. With ingredients such as organic selenium and chromium, natural vitamin E, plus essential amino acids like lysine and threonine, Digestive VM is platinum standard. With added digestive support, Digestive VM also contains glutamine and a yeast derived prebiotic. Being free from sugars, grains and molasses, Digestive VM is for next level health.

  • Organic selenium & natural vitamin E antioxidants
  • Essential trace minerals
  • Fully fortified with vitamins including biotin
  • Bioavailable source of calcium & magnesium
  • Feed with Digestive EQ for optimum gut health