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PSOS Bridle Amsterdam



A beautiful snaffle bridle with a removable flash strap and a classical look. It is beautifully decorated with silver-coloured clinchers both on the noseband and on the browband.

The headpiece has an air gap over the highest part of the neck, to give maximum freedom for the sensitive nerve tracks, muscle attachments, and ligaments that all attach at the neck. It has also got built up, softly padded edges with an anatomical, oval shape around the ears.

The cheekpieces have the PS elastic Cradles™ (solid) which allows the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth. This helps to further relieve the pressure on the poll. The browband has a rubber inside to ensure that it stays in place during even the toughest conditions.

Recommended For Horses That:

  • Are stable and easy to ride
  • Don't like feeling trapped
  • May need the support from a flash strap
  • Are young and/or inexperienced and in the need of a comfortable first noseband

Extra Features:

  • Detachable flash strap
  • Beautifully decorated with silver clinchers

Material & Care: Spanish, vegetable-tanned leather. Each bridle is a handmade unique piece. We recommend the bridle to be treated with oil prior to the first use in order to protect and maintain the high quality of the leather. Leather is a natural product that develops over time and may darken slightly when oiled.

How To Fit Your Bridle: Look at the PS size guide prior to your purchase. Put the bridle on your horse. Keep all hang tags on the bridle. If the bridle fits well then you can remove the hang tags, treat the bridle with oil, and then start using it. If the bridle doesn’t fit and you need to change the size, do not remove the hang tags and do not oil the leather, follow the returns procedure via the link in the footer of this page.