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Royal Canin Cat Sensible Dry Food



Some cats' digestive systems can be sensitive to certain types of food, if this is the case for your cat then a change in its diet may be required in order to settle its stomach. There are many nutrients that are likely to have a soothing effect on your cat's digestive system.

Suitable for adult cats aged 1-7 years, Royal Canin Sensible 33 is specially formulated to support adult cats showing signs of sensitivity to certain food.


  • Optimal Digestion – Contains an exclusive combination of nutrients to support optimal digestive security and prebiotics (including FOS) for a balanced intestinal flora
  • High Palatability – Three different kibble shapes and an attractive formula with carefully selected flavourings to stimulate food intake in sensitive cats.
  • Concentrated Energy – A higher energy density leads to smaller meal sizes and decreases digestive workload in cats with digestive sensitivity.
  • Urinary Health – Formulated to help maintain health of an adult cat’s urinary system.

It contains an exclusive combination of nutrients to strengthen and support optimal digestive security.

Royal Canin Sensible is highly palatable and contains three different kibble shapes and carefully selected flavourings to stimulate food intake and allow for easier digestion.

What's more, Royal Canin Sensible has also been formulated to help maintain a healthy urinary system in adult cats like yours.

Once your cat's digestive system begins to improve, you can continue to feed it Royal Canin Sensible, as it's been specifically designed to not only support your cat's digestion, but to also maintain it thereafter.

To cater to each cat’s individual preferences, you may also mix Royal Canin Sensible with the Royal Canin Instinctive wet cat food in a smooth jelly, delicious gravy or a tasty loaf. If you are considering mixed feeding, simply follow the feeding guidelines found in the images to ensure your cat gets an accurate amount of both wet and dry food for optimal benefit.