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Royal Canin Jack Russell Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food

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The Jack Russell Terrier is a dog with a temperament that thrives on action and adventure.

Jack Russell Terriers are packed full of personality and character and can out-run and exhaust dogs of a much larger size. As such they need a great deal of exercise and stimulation every day.

ROYAL CANIN® developed the Jack Russell diet to specifically meet this magnificent breed’s unique needs. The best dog food for Jack Russell’s helps them maintain muscle mass and supports vitality. Complete feed for dogs - Specially for adult and mature Jack Russell Terriers - Over 10 months old.


  • The Jack Russell Terrier formula helps maintain this fearless and energetic breed’s muscle mass and vitality.
  • The Royal Canin-exclusive kibble helps reduce tartar and is filled with all the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals Jack Russell’s need to be healthy. Suitable for adult (over 10 months) Jack Russell Terriers.
  • Muscle And Vitality Complex:The Jack Russell Terrier is known for their high energy and intelligence. This formula is enriched with the specific level of protein needed by this breed and antioxidants contributing to maintaining muscle mass and vitality.
  • Dental Health:This formula helps keep teeth clean and helps reduce tartar formation (thanks to calcium chelators).
  • Exclusive Kibble:The kibble's shape, size, density and texture is designed specifically for the Jack Russell Terrier to help keep their teeth clean and make it easier for them to grasp.
  • Healthy Skin And Coat:Formulated with the exclusive 'skin barrier' complex, borage oil plus EPA & DHA to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Product Information:

  • Life-stage: Adult +10 months
  • Breed: Jack Russell
  • Feeding instructions: Quantity to be fed over 24hrs, split into 2 meals. Complete and balanced, intended to be fed alone.
  • Designed to meet the unique needs of a pure-bred adult Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Product type: Dry