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Searles Dead Ant



Searles Dead Ant Pro Granules: Your Ant Control Solution

Searles presents Dead Ant Pro Granules, an economical remedy for tackling a diverse range of ant issues in home gardens and lawns. Ants, known for creating mounds, compacting soil, and fostering other pest activities, can be effectively controlled with this product, reducing the incidence of associated problems.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Ant Control: Dead Ant Pro Granules offer a broad spectrum of coverage, making them suitable for various ant species commonly found in home gardens.
  • Efficient Application: The easy-to-use granules can be effortlessly applied by sprinkling, ensuring a hassle-free process for users.
  • Cost-Effective: With a single kilogram treating up to 130m², this product provides a cost-effective solution for managing ant-related issues in a considerable area.
  • Multi-Pest Approach: In cases of concurrent pest activities like scale or aphids, Dead Ant Pro Granules can be used alongside other control measures for a holistic approach.

Take control of your garden's ant-related challenges with Searles Dead Ant Pro Granules, ensuring a healthier and more vibrant outdoor space. Always refer to the comprehensive label for proper application guidance.

Active Constituent: 2g/Kg Bifenthrin.